terminfo married to curses

My prior terminfo work has been completed and merged with curses. Userland applications have been re-worked where needed and everything is working just fine! So NetBSD finally has an up to date replacement for the legacy termcap it currently uses. Well, it will have when merged - I’ve only just asked for testing so it might take some time before it hits-current.

openresolv imported into NetBSD

openresolv has been imported into NetBSD, which allows more than one daemon to update /etc/resolv.conf sanely and configure local nameservers for enhanced DNS, especially if running on a VPN. dhcpcd already uses resolvconf when available and dhclient in NetBSD has been patched to use it. This is important for NetBSD, as many packages support resolvconf, but only when /sbin/resolvconf exists. This meant that a lot of packages that supported resolvconf, failed to work with any resolvconf implementation from pkgsrc.
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NetBSD get getdelim(3) and getline(3)

Last night I added getdelim(3) and getline(3) to NetBSD. A few programs in base system needed to be changed due to having their own getline function, most of which aren’t anything like getline(3). Hopefully there won’t be much fallout in pkgsrc as a result. getline(3) is prefered over over functions such as fgetln(3) and fgets(3) because it’s standards based and you get a dynamic buffer for really really long lines. However, POSIX did drop the ball on making it a standard from the GNU extension- it should return 0 on EOF and more importantly be called fgetline.
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