Ethan's Naming Day

So nice to have his naming day just after his Birthday :) Abbey made the a lovely teddy bear cake with his name in building blocks … seriously more tasty than any shop bought cake. Loads of family and friends from both sides of the family made it a wonderful ceremony ….. and social afternoon party. Well, the kids certainly had a party with a bouncy castle indoors! Thanks for coming everyone!
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Ethan's 1st Birthday

My, how time has long. It doesn’t seem too long ago since he arrived! He fell in love with his new panda right away, was unsure about the arrival of the Birthday cake but sure loved eating it ….. and the bath afterwards :) Happy Birthday Son!

A New Start

So, I’ve not blogged for a long long long time. The last time was over 2 years ago. There are various reasons for this, involving Tech, Code and Life. Tech My old blog was powered by Serendipity. Before that, it was Trac and before that it was Drupal Now, Drupal was very …… well, blocky. It worked, and worked well to start. But my poor server at the time could not cope with the resource demands it had, alongside my existing Trac instances to host my project’s wiki and ticketing systems.
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Robyn is 2

So my little angel is now 2 years old :) She had a nice birthday and was very excited by present opening for the first time …. ominous. It only seems like yesterday she arrived! Anyway, one big party to look forward to next weekend. Should be fun!

Holiday needed from Holiday

I learned an important lesson about being a parent whilst on holiday- you don’t actually have a holiday as you’re just looking after the kids somewhere else! Still, it was very enjoyable. 24-28 deg C with only one day where it was too windy to sunbathe :) I’ve done almost zero coding since I got back as I’ve been involved in meetings so damned much. This is good though, as we now have a very clear idea on how to achieve World Domination!
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