stable api for net-scripts?

24 Nov 2005 • 2 min read

Ever since baselayout-1.11 first came into being, I've never been totally happy with the internal API I've been using. Well, with the release of baselayout-1.12.0_pre11 I think I've finally cracked it. Each module is now around 800 - 1000 bytes smaller than the ones we've been using thus far. The only function we now require is modulename_depend() - all the others are now optional.

With -r1 which fixes a few critical bugs, I think we're finally stable across the board. The only issue to be resolved (which is just changing default settings) is #112088 which defines default timeouts for ifplugd/netplugd and wpa_supplicant. baselayout-pre_10-r1 changed the defaults to -1 means means "return instantly and mark inactive" instead of 10 which means "wait 10 seconds and mark started/stopped accordingly".

Personally, I like the -1 default which makes the most sense from a workstation/laptop perspective especially when you use udev/hotplug to start interfaces and don't have any interfaces aside from lo in your runlevels. Infact this whole issue seems to stem from having interfaces in a runlevel. We could alleviate this by making the default for RC_STRICT_NET_CHECKING="lo" which solves it another way, but could mess some server configs.

Not many people have complained so far, so we'll see how we go 😃