sparc-fbsd base profile is now complete

10 Oct 2006 • 2 min read

Well, I hope it is 😛

My SPARC has now got to the stage where all base system packages + a few extras I need (openvpn, dhcp, keychain, etc) have emerged successfully 😃 I've even managed to compile and install a custom kernel. The one thing I've not done yet is rebooted to check that the new kernel and boot loader actually work.

So all I have todo is emerge -e world twice to make 100% sure everything is peachy, rebuild the kernel again and reboot. If all goes well then I'll swap from FreeBSD rc over to Gentoo rc and reboot for the first time into a fully working Gentoo/FreeBSD on SPARC :jawdrop:

Not bad for a weeks work 😉

Actually, most of the work had already been done for me by the x86-fbsd team, all I had todo was patch binutils to brand elf binaries as FreeBSD when using FreeBSD on Sparc (FreeBSD patches elf.c as used by everything - we cannot do this, patch is here) and ensure that all __sparc64__ defines were changes to __sparc__ & & __arch64__. So it was mainly setting up the base profile and keywording ebuilds. Gentoo makes this very very easy 8)

Anyone wanting to look at the portage overlay for this can download it here. If either of the two links disappear it means they are now in the main portage tree, which means Mission Complete 😄