openresolv changes to svn and trac

24 Sep 2008 • 2 min read

Using Drupal as a CMS is nice - it's worked for me very well. However, it's not made for project management. I just had a static page that people couldn't add comments or feedback to (well, they could if I enable comments but that gets messy after a while). I do have bugzilla to handle bugs but I find it too overblown and complex for my needs. Don't get me wrong, bugzilla has it's place and it's a solid project - it's just not suited for my small site. Could be due to my fanatical dislike of perl 😛

Also, my company suddenly had a need for a bug tracking system and a colleague of mine suggested trac which I installed on a server. I only looked at track briefly many years ago, and it had promise but lacked in a lot of places. I was pleased to see that a lot of good progress had been made and it's now very useable 😃 So much so, I've decided to install it here and it now powers the openresolv project page. Because it's made to integrate into subversion I used git2svn to convert the openresolv git repo trunk into an svn trunk. It's now open for business and anonymous users can create and modify tickets and the wiki (well, parts of the wiki).

So is svn better than git or is git better than svn? It's a hard one to answer, both have their pluses and minuses. Luckily there is a trac addon that works with git, so I'll give that a try with dhcpcd.