openresolv-1.0 released

10 Dec 2007 • 1 min read

Just because I retired from Gentoo does not mean that I don't still work on the stuff I enjoy :)Forking is fun, so I've forked openresolv from resolvconf-gentoo which I wrote whilst being a Gentoo dev. You should also note that whilst openresolv itself is a fork, resolvconf-gentoo is not a fork of Debians resolvconf as it's a re-implementation.How does this differer from resolvconf-gentoo? Well, a few bugs have been fixed here and there, but more importantly we work with many different init systems now. So out of the box we should work on the following platforms and derivatives. You should note that I've only tested Gentoo and FreeBSD myself. * BSD rc.d (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc)

  • Debian
  • Gentoo
  • RedHat
  • Slackware This support is in resolvconf itself, so the helpers just need to call resolvconf -s $servicename restart to restart the service called that. Luckily every distro listed above has the same service name for nscd, dnsmsq and named 😃