17 Dec 2016 • 2 min read

As I blogged previously about changing ISP, it has finally happened. The engineer who installed it was very friendly, polite and helpful whilst doing professional job. A credit to the company.

From 16/0.6mbs to 200/20mbs thanks to Virgin Media! OK, it's not quite 200 down, it's quite variable actually. So far, it's normally around 150mbs at peak times, compared to my old service which was rock steady. Probably because I was on low contention service so my max available was pretty much guaranteed. However, it's always 20+ up! And lets be fair, even 50mbs down is x3 better than what I had previosuly, but it's yet to dip under 120mbs. This will be awesome for work conference calls with video 😃

Also, one unexpected feature of the Virgin Media SuperHub is the Modem mode (I turned off Router mode as my existing NetBSD router and Unifi wireless AP is better) is that it's not a PPP based modem. At least, not facing me. So I have to run dhcpcd on it to get my address, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy as it's my personal software! A much easier setup than PPP as well as the MTU for routes can stay at 1500 and not be "adjusted" for PPPoE over PPPoA as is the norm in the UK.

Still, this is only day one, the service could go tits up, but so far the experice is very very nice 😃