losing that Drupal lovin

22 Jan 2009 • 2 min read

I like trac. It powers a lot of my project websites. Well, all of them infact.It's written in Python which is a very nice language.trac upgrades are few and far between, there have been no security issues since I've been using it and it supports my DB of choice (PostgreSQL) very well.I'm starting to dislike Drupal, which I currently use for this blog.It's written in PHP which is not a very nice language.Drupal seems to have a new security hole every month.It's modules (whilst many) often have issues on PostgreSQL DB's and are a pain to maintain.So I got thinking :)I use Drupal for this blog and my image gallery. That's it.I use trac for a lot more, like projects, documentation, ticket tracking, source browsing, etc.I discovered that trac has a blog plugin and a screen shots plugin which covers my drupal usage.I've knocked up a demo site here. As you can see, it's not as pretty as Drupal, and the commenting system isn't as good.Well, not good at first glance - it just needs a reply button. trac-0.11 has a new theming engine and the theme plugs are still not ported which is why it looks a little ugly. However, you now get to use wiki formatting for comments, so it's good 😃 I still need to come up with a way to move my pictures across. Feel free to add comments, I have a python script to convert a Drupal blog into a trac FullBlog so I can roll over at any time 😉