lighttpd out, apache in

23 Sep 2008 • 1 min read

You may have noticed an interuption to this service.....I finally got too irritated with the lighttpd configuration. Seems there's a few fastcgi issues which I'm now seeing. Also, development seems to have stalled. :(So, I gave apache another whirl. I don't recall why I changed from apache to lighttpd, but it was propably speed related. This is due to me running this site on an old VIA C3-2 processor and apache is slower than lighttpd - noticably on that box. This new(ish) server is an AMD64 Sempron (2400) and has the horsepower and memory for apache on this small site.Anyway, the configuration layout for apache has also changed drastically since I last used it - and for the better! The Gentoo apache team have my thanks for the nice overhaul :)I'm also playing around trac as a replacement to bugzilla and the dhcpcd project page. I've set it up here against an svn repo I migrated from git a while ago. We'll see if I like this to change over.