Learing ASP.NET Core

14 Oct 2018 • 2 min read

I rarely talk about work here. But in this case I will because although it's unrelated entirely to my Open Source projects it's actually very enjoyable for a change because we have the change to use some cutting edge tech. Like any large and old product there are crusty bits - some of ours are so crusty they are implemented in Visual Basic 6. So Management have give us the green light to replace a large chunk of that and now that we're part of a bigger business (the joy's of being bought by a large company) we have a mandate to use relevant tech. So I'm learning all about ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core. We'll be creating MicroServices talking to an API Gateway, each in a Docker Container. We'll mandate that each project has to have no compile warnings and uses StyleCopy Analyzers. Also we must have unit tests across the board. Each checkin will trigger a static analysis by Sonar Qube. This will be a full Continuous Integration Pipeline.

This is a massive change from the way we've worked before and it excites me! The bad news is that I am spending some of my hobby time on this because it's fun! But I should be getting back onto dhcpcd / NetBSD related stuff soon once the initial prototypes are in place and the new tech feeling wears off.