ext3 vs reiserfs - a prism54 oddity

28 Oct 2005 • 1 min read

After finding out that a localmount bug was actually a kernel issue, I also noticed that after creating a reiserfs root my prism54 card loaded by itself (when booting onto reiserfs). "That's odd" I thought as it hadn't done that for a long time and I'd attributed it starting/not starting to udev issues.When booting ext3, it loads the prism54 driver just fine, but doesn't do anything else - not even call net.agent. When booting reiserfs it calls net.agent and loads the firmware and starts net.wlan just fine.So is this a kernel issue? I'll find out once gentoo-sources-2.6.14 hits the tree. If I can still reproduce this issue 100% I'll open a nice buggie for someone to try and fix :)Another oddity is that if you remove and insert the card repeatedly, it only "starts" every other time. There's no dmesg's about it when you insert it and nothing happens either, so I'm guessing it's definitely kernel/udev related.EDIT: Looks like a ext3 error as it boots fine on reiser4 and xfs too