dhcpcd gains carrier detection

16 Jul 2008 • 2 min read

OK, so one of the most popular questions asked on the Gentoo forums is "How can I stop DHCP from stalling startup?"Well, as Gentoo is very minimal, it does not come with ifplugd or netplug by default - simply installing either solves this for wired. wpa_supplicant comes with an action script for wpa_cli to solve this for wireless also.NetBSD ships with ifwatchd for wired and wireless, but it's not enabled by default. Also, you have to instruct ifwatchd exactly how to configure the interface.Not exactly optimal.Also, several users have approached me directly in the past about dhcpcd supporting link management - I've always turned them down with the argument that the majority of Linux drivers didn't work with link management. Thankfully that's no longer the case, so dhcpcd now has link management support :DYes there are still non functioning drivers and drivers may break with link management in the future so there is an option to disable this.But it's time to adopt the BSD approach here - fix the source, in this case the driver. This was sparked by some in #netbsd asking "Where is the NetBSD equivalent of hdparm?" Well, there isn't one, because if the hardware claims it does XYZ, the software attempts to use it.For the current Gentoo users of ifplugd/netplug + dhcpcd don't panic - it still works as is 😃