dhcpcd gains DBus bindings

18 Jan 2009 • 1 min read

dhcpcd is DHCP client. DBus is an IPC mechanism. Add them together and you get dhcpcd-dbus!dhcpcd-dbus receives interface configuration events from the dhcpcd control socket and emits them to the DBus listeners. dhcpcd-dbus also has methods to release, rebind, stop and query dhcpcd on an interface. This allows users to control dhcpcd to some extent as all dhcpcd opertaions require root privilege and DBus has a fine grained ACL list for accessing these functions which dhcpcd-dbus can optionally use.Of course, to the end user, dhcpcd-dbus by itself is useless. I've started work on another project, gnome-dhcpcd-applet which will just provide information on dhcpcd via a systray icon and popup tooltips when things happen. This should be done sometime next week. Future versions will allow for some configuration, wireless AP selection but most importantly try and eumlate the !NetworkManager "I'm online" flag.