dhcpcd changes to svn and trac

25 Sep 2008 • 1 min read

After changing openresolv to trac and svn, I've done the same for dhcpcd. As such, the bugzilla database is now closed for new bugs for dhcpcd and openresolv and you should now use trac for each (found here for dhcpcd and here for openresolv). I've migrated the bugs, attachments, resolutions and activity across for both.

These scripts are for bugzilla-3.0.3 and trac-0.11.1 and assume that no custom fields have been added. They are also coded for specific product id's and my name - you will need to adjust accordingly.

bugzilla to trac sql script. It simply creates new tables for use in a trac db - ticket_change_status needs to be copied into ticket_change though. bugzilla to trac perl srcript. Extracts attachments from bugzilla and creates them in the current directory in a structure for use in trac.

TODO - attachment filesize is 0, this needs fixing.