dhcpcd GTK+ Monitor available

26 Jan 2009 • 1 min read

dhcpcd-gtk is a GTK+ monitor for dhcpcd. It uses dhcpcd-dbus to actually talk to dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant. The end game is to be a viable alternative to NetworkManager for wired and wireless setups but without reliance on Linux specific libraries - we just require dhcpcd and GTK+ available on your platform.

At present, dhcpcd-gtk is just an application which sits in the notification area. The icon has several states, showing offline, address negotiation and online. When attempting to negotiate an address you get a nice animation. A notification bubble is also shown per interface state change.

Future versions will have Access Point selection and dhcpcd configuration options. Both are currently available via pkgsrc-wip. Hopefully available in Gentoo soon as well 😃 EDIT: ebuilds available for dhcpcd-dbus and dhcpcd-gtk from my ftp server.

EDIT: Here's a screenshot as requested