dhcpcd-3 released to world + dog

28 Nov 2006 • 1 min read

After quite a few months, I've finally gotten dhcpcd to work fully on Linux (amd64, x86) and FreeBSD (sparc64, x86). The code base is a lot smaller too, and the final compiled binary comes in at 35k on 32-bit arches, although that figure drops to 31k when optimised for size. Still, that makes us smaller that pump, dhclient and the old dhcpcd by quite some way and only 4k bigger than udhcpc. However the size of the udhcpc scripts soon bring it up to 30k, so it's not that much of a difference. Actually if you trim the features that udhcpc doesn't have then dhcpcd now comes a lot lot smaller, making it ideal for embedded devices :)But size isn't everything, it's also what you do that counts.Well, dhcpcd is the only open source DHPC client that handles Classless Static Routes, User Classes and DNS Search Paths by default. dhclient /can/ support them but it requires lots of nasty script hacks!The only plan for dhcpcd now is to fix any bugs (probably some I missed) and add optional dbus support so that it can work with !NetworkManager instead of dhclient.