dhcpcd-1 is gone

17 Sep 2005 • 1 min read

dhcpcd-2.0.0 went stable on all platforms a few days ago - due to the vast amount of bugs reported since it went stable on amd64 and x86 (zero), it's a good time to prune the old ebuilds :?This means that you have to use baselayout-1.11.x as older versions used the -z "release lease but cache IP" no longer works. It didn't work anyway from the DHCP servers perspective so you loose nothing :)The main difference from the 1.3 gentoo patchset - aside from loosing the above - is the integration of the Debian and Gentoo patchsets. Yay. Upstream is dead, so we forked - Simon Kelly (Debian dhcpcd maintainer) and I merged patchsets and created dhcpcd-2.0.0 :)Which you now have 8)Woooooooooooo. Means absolutely didly aside from one small detail - no more 25k patches because the new upstream listens!Enough - I need a smoke, more port and some more victims in ET 😛