dhcpcd-8.1.2 released

    13 Nov 2019 • 1 min read

    dhcpcd-8.1.2 has been released with the following changes:

    • hooks: STOPPED is now run on timeout and exit
    • musl: Fix build
    • Linux: Validate RTM_NEWADDR/RTM_DELADDR messages
    • BSD: Use IP_REVCIF rather than IN_PKTINFO
    • build: address sanitisation is enabled for debug builds
    • build: Improve detection of dlsym requirements
    • DHCP: When rebinding, ensure we have a DHCP ARP state
    • RA: Sort routers when reachability changes
    • RA: Apply hoplimit, reachable and retrans timer values to kernel
    • RA: Warn if advertised MTU > interface MTU
    • OpenBSD: Fix carrier detection for OpenBSD-6.6
    • dhcpcd: Report SSID connection to when we gain carrier
    • DHCP: Fix corruption of address flags when renewing

    The last issue was the cause of the recent report about dhcpcd pegging a CPU, so this is quite an important upgrade from 8.1.1