dhcpcd-8.0.3 released

21 Aug 2019 • 1 min read

With the following changes:

  • DHCP: Work with IP headers with options
  • script: Assert that env string are correctly terminated
  • script: Terminate env strings with no value
  • script: Don't attempt to use an invalid env string
  • route: Fix NULL deference error when using static routes
  • ARP: Respect IFF_NOARP
  • DHCP: Add support for ARPHRD_NONE interfaces
  • DHCP: Allow full DHCP support for PtP interfaces, but not by default
  • DragonFlyBSD: 500704 announces IPv6 address flag changes
  • control: sends correct buffer to listeners

DragonFlyBSD-500704 kernel has the functionality dhcpcd needs to compile without any warnings. There are still improvements to be made to the whole network stack, but none of them are dhcpcd specific.

dhcpcd-ui now correctly reports SSD association and all the addresses obtained (regression from dhcpcd-7)

dhcpcd now supports QMI interfaces in RawIP mode - this is basically PtP interface without any L2 frame header. Because PtP interfaces normally configure their address via a 3rd party tool (dhcpcd waits for this address to appear), DHCP is not enabled by default. You can now enable it like so

interface wwan0

Or just add --dhcp on the command line.