dhcpcd-8.0.2 released

30 Jul 2019 • 1 min read

With the following changes:

  • NetBSD: Can be build without ARP support but listen to kernel DaD
  • ND6: Removed NA support from SMALL builds
  • ND6: Remove and warn about NA issues on OS's other than NetBSD and Linux
  • script: /tmp files are now cleaned up for systems without open_memstream(3)
  • configure: open_memstream(3) detected on recent glibc
  • DHCP: Avoid duplicate read of UDP socket when BPF is also open
  • IP: Avoid adding address if already exists on OS other than Linux
  • IP6: Avoid adding address is already exists on Solaris
  • route: Fixed a NULL de-reference error on statically configured routes
  • DHCP6: Move to REQUEST when any IA has error no-binding in RENEW/REBIND
  • DragonFlyBSD: Now compiles and works for
  • IP: Accept packets with IP header options

I don't anticipate any more releases for a while as this is looking really good now!