dhcpcd-7.0.1 released

    29 Jan 2018 • 1 min read

    Happy Birthday to me! 45 yours young today! To celebrate, I released a minor update to dhcpcd-7 with the following changes:

    • hooks: remove use of local builtin for better portability
    • Fix build issue when __GNUC__ <= 2 (thanks to Chris Hathhorn)
    • dhcpcd: don't log errors working out carrier for departed interfaces
    • ipv4: allow configuration of static broadcast address
    • if: don't set MTU during interface discovery
    • if: don't activate non matching interfaces to commandline ones
    • configure: make --includedir=/usr/src/foo work
    • eloop-bench: fix hangs when using a large number of cycles
    • dhcp: don't bind when we've just probed an address to inform