baselayout is dead, long live OpenRC

12 Nov 2007 • 2 min read

OK, a few people have been saying that Gentoo is falling apart, they will leave Gentoo too and the world will end as we know it. 😮 I can assure you that this is all lies ;)Basically baselayout will be split into two entities. Firstly, the bit that lays out the initial file system and provides the core system files shall remain as baselayout. The rest of it (ie, rc, init scripts, etc) will be forked off into a new package called OpenRC (working title). I will be upstream for it and continue developing it, fixing bugs, etc. The difference is that it will be an external project that Gentoo will use.This benefits me, as the Gentoo users can now rest easy knowing that it will be business as usual in regards to me leaving Gentoo.This also benefits Gentoo - it makes it easier to drop baselayout. Why is this a benefit? Well, there are other init systems available such as upstart, einit or init-ng all of which have pluses and minuses when compared to baselayout-2. As they are all external projects there should be no favouritism and it comes down to technical merit. Well, not quite as the entire Gentoo tree assumes baselayout is present, but it makes things easier anyway.Lastly this also benefits everyone else as it makes it easier to integrate into other distros / OS's. Especially as I intend to re-license it as a 2 clause BSD License. This essentially allows it to be used as a replacement for the BSD rc system. I could do this with its current GPL2 license, but it would never be allowed into the core system so it is needed. This will require some work as the BSD file layout is a bit different, and I'd also like it to work with existing BSD rc init scripts where possible.Speaking of re-licensing, I'm also doing the same to resolvconf-gentoo -> openresolv and dhcpcd-3.1 for the same reasons as above.If anyone posts any comments about GPL vs BSD license then I'll just ignore you. I believe that the core OS bits should be BSD licensed as they are pretty much generic these days, but things like GNOME and stuff should be GPL licensed as that's what the user actually uses. That's my view and I don't wish to debate it 😛