baselayout-2 released

11 Apr 2007 • 1 min read

:jawdrop: A long time in the coming, but alpha1 is now out. You will need ~ARCH versions of many packages and you'll have to manually re-emerge xinit if you're a KDM user. If you switch over to using dash or busybox as /bin/sh then you will need to upgrade glibc for a new nscd init script or de-bashify it yourself.Just after it went into portage, vapier twisted my arm into changing from GNU style C to LKML style C. I didn't really have a preference, so it's been changed. So if you do cut a patch for us, please base it on our svn repo! ;)I'm running this on my stable home server, and all the init scripts work fine with bash so the upgrade should be quite smooth :DEnjoy 😛