baselayout 1.12 going stable?

18 May 2006 • 1 min read

A lot of people have been asking of late when baselayout-1.12 will go stable. Well, I've decided that enough is enough and I'll be making a 1.12.0 tarball as soon as I get feedback about a unionfs bug. 8) Baring any show stopping bugs that package will be requested to be made stable after the usual 30 days. So now is a very good time to try out 1.12 if you haven't already - just check bugzilla for a few bugs that will be fixed for the next release if you have any issues.AFAIK only two packages need need to go stable before baselayout does and those arenet-misc/dhcp-3.0.4-r1 and net-misc/udhcp-0.9.9_pre20041216-r3.Other dhcp packages that use resolvconf-gentoo don't have to go stable as resolvconf-gentoo is not an actual requirement. It is nice however and there's a good chance that resolvconf-gentoo-0.5 will go stable too.So the only thing left todo is to update some documentation! I hate that part :barf: