07 Sep 2005 • 1 min read

After being inspired by a forum post, I wrote a new net-scripts module (arping) which replaces the apipa module. arping also does apipa, so you loose nothing if you ever used it. apipa was basically a wrapper around the arping tools to find a free address in the range, so the new module name makes more sense.

Anyway, here's a sample config which tries to find a gateway and sets up the interface for it

#configure for dhcp, then arping
config_eth0=( "dhcp" )
fallback_eth0=( "arping" )

# List gateways to arping

# Map found gateways to config's
config_192168001001=( "" )
fallback_192168001001=( "apipa" )
routes_192168001001=( "default via" )
config_010000000001=( "" )
fallback_010000000001=( "apipa" )
routes_010000000001=( "default via" )

Those that want to try it out, can grab it from here. Drop it into /lib/rcscripts/net.modules.d and delete the apipa module that 's currently there. Requires baselayout-1.12.0_pre8 (will ship with pre9).