What a rainy weekend

23 Oct 2006 • 1 min read

So no gardening was done. On the plus side that left plently of time for catching up on housework stuff and writing a new Gentoo application. rc-depend is a C program that works out dependencies and ordering of all your init scripts. This was written because our bash logic, although now seemingly 100% accurate, was incredibly slow taking around 2-3 seconds on my 2Ghz laptop to work it out. rc-depend works it out in 0.05 seconds. The bigest increase though was on my 333Mhz sparc which shaved (best guess) around 8-10 seconds off the start time 😄 You'll see this in action in baselayout-1.13.0_alpha3, hopefully sometime this week 😉

Whilst writing it, I discovered that we no longer needed the RC_STICT_NET_CHECKING variable as we can now have >1 service providing something - in this case "net". A discussion then took place about removing it and I think I've answered everyones queries.

Hopefully I'll find the time to adapt this to our net modules too as that's the last real bottle neck in our bash code in baselayout 😛