Welcome to 2014

01 Jan 2014 • 2 min read

# A new year, a new website!

In truth, although I had a nice new server upgrade it seems that Trac just keeps on using resource after resource. Now, having the site entirely python powered isn't entirely possible - thus far I have yet to find a reasonable email web interface other than RoundCube Also, my PostgreSQL interface of choice uses PHP. Speaking of PostgreSQL, that kind of limits my blogging software choices as most of them only want to use MySQL, which I have no wish to use. Here's a list of blogging software which can use PostgreSQL:

So seeing as I'm moving a way from Trac and I had a bad experience managing my prior Drupal install many years ago, it's no surprise that I've migrated my blog over to Serendipity 😃 As with the prior migration I've preserved comment history and my image gallery. However, I still need to edit all prior posts and correct their links. At this point you maybe wondering what now powers my projects? Well, they recently converted from GIT to Fossil

All of this effort and not much blogging? Well, lets see if I can blog more here as it's my content which I own entirely on my self hosted site. I think I've been giving to much content hosting to Facebook and Twitter. I'll not stop using them, but I expect to post more here 😃