Warm Soft Fuzzies

07 Jan 2006 • 1 min read

With the recent flame fest on -dev about a lack of vision and innovation its always nice to hear other people praising my work, especially when they're a respected Kernel developer :)And with recent ego stroking from fellow Gentoo dev brix about how easy and flexable the networking config is in Gentoo on IRC yesterday I really do have the Warm Fuzzy Feeling of a job well done :DOf course, it's not done yet - baselayout-1.12 isn't stable (but it's very very close - you have been warned) and we already have some nice features in our trunk which will appear in baselayout-1.13. So if anyone thinks that we're not being innovative enough, simply checkout what baselayout did 2 years ago and what it does now. :PA whole load more! And there's more to come - we're not done yet 8)