10 Mar 2006 • 1 min read

Whilst eating a toffee sweet (yes, bad boy!) it kinda stuck to one of my fillings and took it out :sick:. So, me minus a big filling, I went in search of a dentist. Guess what! There's no NHS dentists anywhere near where I live. Bah. So I found a reasonably priced dentist near work and went along.The good news - my filling has been restored. The bad news, I need two crowns. This is gonna cost be just short of a grand :jawdrop:. "Bugger", said I. I'm not too suprised that I need 2 crowns as there's been hardly anything left of the 2 teeth in question for a few years now and have been mainly just filling.Well, I now have my temporary crown on one of my teeth (doing one at a time to spread payment across months) and I get my proper crown in 2 weeks time.Moral of the story - get dental insurance!