Sun UltraSPARC

04 Oct 2006 • 1 min read

Rob Holland of Inverse Path (some may know him as tigger^ the ex Gentoo dev) had some free Sun SPARCs going, so I snagged a U5! Well, I've had it for some time now, but his Mum forgot to ship the keyboard. So it's been gathering dust in my room for months until yesterday they keyboard arrived. And it booted and stayed up! Yay! :DThe plan was to put Gentoo/Linux on it, mainly so I could fix Gentoo bug #104067. Since then I've put Gentoo/FreeBSD onto my laptop - mainly as the baselayout port was going nowhere fast. Now that the basic port is done (aside from fancy networking stuff) I've decided that I'm going to put Gentoo/FreeBSD on it :jawdrop:This is going to be interesting as there are no stages, no nothing. And it's a 333 Mz box with 256 meg of RAM - compiling is not its forte 😮 But that's the aim. Gentoo/FreeBSD on Sparc64. Lets see if it can be done :)So a big thanks to Rob at Inverse Path for the kind donation - it will be used well 😄