02 Apr 2007 • 2 min read

OK, so I'm a slacker as I've not blogged for over a month now :(However, I have been a very busy beaver! baselayout-2 is nearing completion. The only outstanding bug I know of is a service timeout of the local resolver when using resolvconf and parallel startup. All init scripts on my workstations and personal servers have been de-bashified and most of them bumped. A few have not been bumped - nscd (glibc) being one of them. Basic rule of thumb - if it's a base system package (glibc isn't - that's toolchain) it's been bumped. If it works on FreeBSD it's been bumped, otherwise it's not been bumped as you would have to manually change the system shell to dash or busybox to be affected by any script bugs.Speaking of busybox, the chances are that we won't work with busybox as the default shell right away as their bundled mount/umount, swapon/off/ctl, find implementations differ from our requirements. At this point I'm gunning for patches to modify busybox. Although we should work with the start-stop-daemon busybox builtin, it's use is not optimal as we then loose the nice features the baselayout version provides such as daemon tracking and ensuring it actually starts/stops. Although I'm sure many people would prefer this anyway ;)On another note, someone found an obscure bug in dhcpcd-3 where we requested an IP address of if we failed to renew after a day. This and openntp support will work their way into dhcpcd-3.0.17, at which point I'll probably create a new branch so I can implement RFC 4361.