Server upgrade completed

24 Oct 2008 • 1 min read

And it was almost entirely painless!Just like my quard core as an issue booting NetBSD MP (I need to have a PS2 keyboard plugged in OR the PS2 port disabled in the kernel), it seems that it doesn't like ACPI on my server. No matter - ACPI is not essential there. After that hurdle is passed the system booted. I guessed the wrong interface driver for the on board ethernet and my 6to4 tunnel isn't working - but everthing else appears to be.What IS interesting is that with all the services I need running, I have 300meg memory free and no swap usage whereas with Gentoo Linux the swapfile was being hit after a few hours of use. Obviously a few hours hasn't passed yet, but I'll monitor it. Hopefully less memory is used on the whole :)As NetBSD comes with things like postfix in the base OS setting them up was trivial. Also, postfix uses the dovecot sasl authenticator without needed in a recompile, which means I don't have to use postfix in pkgsrc OR that gawd awful program cyrus-sasl. I've also configured Heimdal Kerberos and will play with that, as that comes with the base OS also.