Saw 3

07 Nov 2006 • 1 min read

So Abbey and I went to see Saw 3 over the weekend and it was a good movie. Not as good as Saw 1, possibly better than Saw 2. It's the endings that I love - always a good twist. Still that's the point of the movie, the twist at the end. The beauty of Saw 1 was that you didn't expect it which is why no sequel could be better ....Anyway, we have also been busy doing more wedding type stuff and we think we've settled on the "favors". For sure, we'll make then ourselves to save more £££ due to the expensive honeymoon we've booked. We think we've also got the invites themselves sorted - well, just the idea. We're going to try and make them :)So we less than 6 months until I'm a happily married man, things are just going smooth. Where's all this supposed fuss that everyone moans about?