Remember me?

07 Sep 2006 • 1 min read

Heh, long time no blog :(Anyways, I have been busy what with the recent stabilisation of baselayout-1.12. We think all regressions have been fixed, with a few very minor ones with patches in bugzilla. I've got a small one that only one person has reported which I'll try to fix before the next release in the 1.12 range.So what's coming up in baselayout-1.13 I hear you say? Well, here's a quick list * Buffered e* output. This allows parallel startup to look identical to non parallel

  • Wrapped e* output. Ensures that we never go over terminal width - if we do it's another e* call
  • Working [ vserver ]support
  • FreeBSD init support (not networking scripts yet)
  • Critical services can use dependencies (you can no longer set svcdir)
  • BASH TEXTDOMAIN support, so people can translate init scripts I only have two things on my todo list before I'll put an alpha into portage - FreeBSD network support (which may take a while as I don't have a FreeBSD box yet) and the ability to have >1 init script to provide the same thing.So there we go, something to look forward too 😃