Pump it up

30 Jun 2005 • 1 min read

pump - one of the least liked dhcp clients for whatever reasons.Due to changes in baselayouts networking (basically moving /etc/{resolv,ntp,yp}.conf to /var/lib/net-scripts/state/${iface} and symlinking) I've had to pour over pumps code and make up some patches to enable this and route metrics. The code base is actually very clean - much like udhcps (in terms of readability).So what does this mean for you? Well, probably not much - but it does mean that pump gets to stay in portage a while longer :PAll that remains is to add a --script option to pumps command line so that I can specify a script to call on dhcp state change (I could fudge /etc/pump.conf but that sucks) and add an --keep-up option so that pump does not shut the interface down on dhcp release. That is needed for ifplugd/wpa_supplicant or similar as they need the interface up to work.So after that happens, I think I'll prod the guys for a baselayout-1.12.0-alpha3 release and see just what havoc the last few months of coding have caused :evil: