OpenRC ready for testing

01 Jan 2008 • 1 min read

2008 is here and it's time for some change!OpenRC is now ready for testing. There are no ebuilds in the tree, but some are available here that offers a baselayout-2 shell that pulls in openrc-9999. I'll just offer a git ebuild for the time being, so bugs can be fixed fast without having to bump all the time. But it should be fairly smooth going.As the code has been split, I cannot provide a downgrade path back to baselayout-1, so if you do downgrade you'll have to reboot the host. However, it should upgrade perfectly.I'd appreciate a lot of testing, and just reply to this thread or email me saying that it works or there's a bug. Hopefully we can get this into portage soonish.And yes, I decided to keep the name OpenRC 😃