OpenRC 0.4 out

09 Dec 2008 • 1 min read

Many many bug fixes, but more importantly removes all hardcoded paths and for sysvinit, udev, devfs and mdev. As such we have new runlevels - sysinit and shutdown. You should note that these runlevels should NOT be called by you. You should use the shutdown command instead.

This is especially important for Linux where you can have >1 init system installed. OpenRC only knew about sysvinit and as such, imposed restrictions on these other init systems (including BSD). Now we're totally agnostic for startup and shutdown 😃

APS people will now be able to add their commands to the shutdown runlevel to inform the UPS it's about to go down. This now means that OpenRC should be able to finally surplant baselayout-1 in Gentoo!

I've also moved development from Gentoo hosted git to self hosted SVN. This makes a lot of sense for me as I don't really like git all that much and it integrates really well with trac. Lastly, I'll be slowly ending my Gentoo Bugzilla account and asking people to uset trac instead.