OpenRC-0.1 released

08 Mar 2008 • 1 min read

Ok, quite a few people have been asking for a release, so here it is!Should be very stable (I use it on production servers)To see this in Gentoo, watch bug #212696On the same note, new dhcpcd and openresolv versions have been released. You can also find them in pkgsrc-wip (as well as Gentoo 😉), where I now have commit access :DVery trusting lot them - I just asked for commit access so I can maintain packages for my projects and got it right away. No questions, quizes or anything. Just create a sourceforge account and off you go! Of course, it's not the real pkgsrc, but it's a very public branch that seems to have real traction with the pkgsrc guy.I'll be working on getting OpenRC into pkgsrc-wip over the next few weeks as a prefixed install and maybe as a full install too. Watch this space 😃