OpenID now required

21 Jul 2009 • 1 min read

So to make life a little easier, you now have to have an OpenID account to login to this site. Only users who have logged in can create/change tickets, wiki and post comments to my blog.

There are quite a few OpenID Providers, so it should be quite easy. You may already have an OpenID! However, due to how the OpenID plugin works with Trac your username will look a little odd. This is because your OpenID is basically a FQDN, just like a web address. So it's best to use a provider like ! or ! - in other words, avoid Google for OpenID unless you want a really long username here. This not that bad though, as the plugin strips the !http:// part and the trailing slash.

You can see from this post that my OpenID is, which shows that having your own domain and OpenID server is important if you want to look good 😉