New dhcpcd versions out

29 Oct 2008 • 1 min read

Nothing major - the 4.0 branch gets a fix to send DECLINE messages correctly (basically we forgot to add the IP and ServerID to the message) and the ntp.conf file path is tunable by NTP_CONF=/usr/pkg/etc/ntp.conf in /etc/dhcpcd.enter-hook. 4.99.3 got released as well with more fixes, mainly for 4.0 features which were broken. I'm no longer hopeful about getting IPv6 support in by the end of the year as I don't see where I'm going to get the time from. Ah well, it's not that urgent yet.On a side note, the new NetBSD server is working out well. It's very stable, the network throughput is better for downloading (as it's my router at home) and this site is more snappy 😃