New Server

10 Feb 2006 • 1 min read

So I've not been blogging for a while, and if you've sent me email I've not replied right away. Well, the reason for all that is my server was dying - any write to the hard disk seems like it killed the server. Nasty :jawdrop:Now I have a new server 😃 It's AMD64 Sempron 2800+ with 2x 120gig SATA disks in RAID 1, DVD writer and 512 meg memory. Installing Gentoo on it was a snap, however for hardened to work I have to use openssl-0.9.7i which should be stable soon (other versions didn't install for some reason). It's a lot lot faster than my old server, that's for sure 8)All my data has been moved over and appears to be working 100% - let's hope this new server won't have to be rebooted every day! And with RAID and a DVD writer my data will be backed up easily and I'm secure in the knowledge that if a disk fails, the other should still work 😄