Making things robust

09 Jul 2008 • 1 min read

OK, so I've started to look at NetworkManager 0.7.0 (SVN) sources so I can integrate dhcpcd into it, thus removing the hard dependency on dhclient. One thing that NM does is flush the interface of addresses and routes at both startup and shutdown. An existing dhcpcd instance does not like this at all and throws a bit of a wobbly, so the GIT repo now has patches to make it a little more robust as the user could trivially do this as well using ifconfig.Also, I think there is becoming a need for dhcpcd to notify other dhcpcd instances. This is so that if a dhcpcd instance is exiting AND it's controlling the default route it can tell other dhcpcd instances about this so one of them could install a new default route. If you feel this is a good or bad idea, then let's talk about it 😃