Life is Expensive

25 Feb 2007 • 1 min read

OK, this is going to be an expensive month.£500 on suits for my Wedding.£500 (estimate) for car service and new cam belt.And to rub it all in, my old trusty LCD monitor on my amd64 gaming rig bit the dust :(Now, I was an early(ish) adopter of LCD monitors, buying mine nearly 6 years ago for around £600. Which bought me 17 inches of LCD goodness with an amazingly fast refresh of 22ms. Fast forward to today, and £218 gets you a 20 inch widescreen LCD with a refresh of 6ms. 😃 Also, one of the reviewers played EVE Online (which is the game I'm playing atm) and said that it looked simply amazing on it 8)I hope that is also the case as I'm upgrading from a dead 1024x768 17" to 1600x1050 20" widescreen. After doing a similar upgrade on my laptop and really loving the laptop screen, I'm sure that the new monitor will be enjoyed just as much :)It's never a good time for expensive things to go wrong, but not more so when you're paying wedding bills!