In the white room

22 Jul 2008 • 1 min read

So I spent all last week in bed :DOK, that's a small lie. I spent the evenings in the bedroom as the lounge was being re-painted. It's now a nice just off white colour for that nice spaceous look 😃 The end result of course meant a lack of WoW playing. But that was no bad thing as I got some quality time in with Abbey and Robyn 😛 Thanks to "Rob" for buying me 300 on DVD - I'll hopefully watch it this weekend over a few beers :)Oh yeah - if you (yes, you the reader!) put your name on future gifts for me (keep em rolling - they're all good 😉 ), it's probably also an idea to put your screen name on too as I know quite a few "Rob"s, the most obvious one being my brother