ISC dhcp is mine

08 Dec 2005 • 2 min read

Well, in Gentoo anyway 😉 A developer called max had the package, but as he's been inactive for over a year so he's been "retired" and I took it! Which makes me the maintainer for dhcpcd, pump and now dhcp (dhclient). Yay 😃

So I've closed all outstanding bugs (some marked NEEDINFO, UPSTREAM or TEST-REQUEST) bar one which should be solved when 3.0.4 goes into portage. I may put 3.0.4b2 in when 3.0.3-r1 goes stable as it's very good for me so far. Heck, I may even put it into ~ARCH but p.masked. :evil:

After actually taking time going through the code, it's not as badly written as I last thought - although it was almost a year ago when I last looked. There's a distinct lack of comments in places and it's hard to read, which makes it difficult for me to implement a cracking idea I've had. Namely passing a string of setup commands like the config file OR an extra config file so that you can stack configs.

This idea stems from these issues I have with dhclient:

  • You have to put the hostname into a config file to send the host name
  • I don't like messing with config files in /etc with sed/grep
  • Every other dhcp client can send hostname on the command line

Well, hopefully I can find the time to write a patch for that over the comming Christmas/New Year break 8)