Gentoo starts to cut the cord

21 Dec 2007 • 1 min read

OK, so my readership probably just went down the tubes as my blog is no longer on Planet Gentoo. So let me say "Hi!" to the two readers I have left ;)Well, OpenRC/URC is pretty much done for a first release in terms of the software. All I'm doing now is writing man pages for everything as we relied a bit on the Gentoo Handbook. The userland applications have been done, including a very long one for runscript. All that's left are man pages for librc and libeinfo which hopefully I'll do over Christmas.Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who bought nearly everything on my wish list. The irony being that the two items I probably wanted the most are the only two items left, and also the cheapest :? Ah well, probably treat myself in the New Year.