File Systems

08 Jul 2005 • 2 min read

My home server has been mis-behaving of late :sick:.Bash keep segfaulting during emerges - one time it caused zlib to get merged incorrectly which meant I had to haul a keyboard and monitor to it as ssh wouldn't let me in anymore. I was not a happy chappy 😦 I'm not sure why this is, as everything is as stable as rock (except for my horde + php5 combo which causes iconv utf8 assert errors in my apache logs). It's not like I'm using any ricer flags either - I was however using reiser4.So I moved the entire server over to reiserfs - still kept segfaulting. Hmmmmmz went I. xfs and jfs were out of the question (too slow for my other needs) so I tried ext3 for the first time. I knew that ext3 had a rep for being slow, but also knew that dir_index helps greatly. So after moving to ext3 last night the server actually seems slightly more responsive, but some i/o does take longer and the same stuff takes up around 20% more space (reiser is really good at packing).Touching wood, the 3 emerges I've done haven't segfaulted on me :)But I suspect it's something in the hardware/environment as my main PC running reiserfs is perfect ...... :?