Enjoy the Base

20 Jul 2005 • 1 min read

baselayout-1.12.0_pre1 sneaked past my radar 😮 , so I stabled 1.11.13 and did a 1.12.0_pre1-r1 unstable for all arches. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)Some note-worthy networking features1) If you use DHCP, you'll need the ~ARCH version of your fav DHCP client (except for dhclient)2) We now arping static IP's requested3) We calculate a route metric based on interface type so we can "prefer" a wired interface over a wireless one4) /etc/{resolv,ntp,yp}.conf will be moved to /var/lib/net-scripts and symlinked back /etc5) Each interface has it's own {resolv,ntp,yp}.conf in /var/lib/net-scripts/state/${interface} - we select the one to use based on route metric6) wpa_supplicant-0.4.x users now enjoy automatic network configuration when a new AP comes in range (the downside of this is that the actual interface config such as address, routes, dhcp, etc happen in the background now)7) You can now rename interfaces from an interface name or MAC address. This should really be done elsewhere, but so many lusers asked for it I've now given themselves the chance to shoot themselves :evil:2 - 5 can all be toggled by RC_AUTO_INTERFACE in /etc/conf.d/rcIt defaults to "yes" for our clueless users, but most servers will want it set to "no".