20 Jan 2006 • 1 min read

Well, what I said earlier about being confident about the last release was wrong! Services stuck on each other and a few other things caused a downright mess! 😮

This time, I think I've cracked it. What's more is that other people have verified my patches, so all reported services sticking, not responding, not starting when they said they did, etc should now have been resolved 😃

I also pushed out a udev/sysinit fix to all baselayouts in preparation for fixing bug #118419. We just await a udev version with the required patch now 😉

Some other noticeable fixes .....

  • We no longer hotplug non ethernet interfaces.
  • Tell the user that a suitable DHCP client is not installed instead of a more cryptic message about modules 😉
  • Tell the user to check hardware/kernel module if "interface is not found" 😉

Too many clueless lusers on the forums these days..... 😦