Browsers and Identities

19 Dec 2005 • 2 min read

So, recent conversion to KDE I've been using Konqueror as my default browser. It's come a very long way since I last used it all those years ago - it's now quite slick. In many ways I now prefer it to Firefox as it loads much much faster, uses less memory and is integrated to a higher level in the DE and relevant applications than Firefox.However, it's not without it's cons either. Some pages don't display well (compared to other browsers) when the brower is in a window smaller than ~800x600, including this page when it has a wide picture. It doesn't appear to work with the Mozilla css ad blocker which was a godsend. Looks Like I'll have to use Konquerors internal ad-block which is a simple URL filter by the looks of it. :(But my main gripe is that some things Just Don't Work. Well, they do, but you have to tell Konqueror to impersonate another browser. Like First Direct, which blocks any browser they haven't "tested". Using the same id as Apples Safari Browser the site works 100% fine.Another guilty one is Draytek. Well, more specifically their routers. They make use of javascript for their buttons and you have to tell Konqueror to impersonate Firefox or it won't work. Luckily Opera users have to do the same thing, but the bad news for Opera users is that they can only set which browser to impersonate on a global basis where Konqueror can do it on a site basis :)So with a small tweak here and there, Konqueror is now in daily use. My hope is that Konqueror never gets ported to Windows as I see that as a lot of bloat that Firefox has. Konqueror compiles faster than Firefox and is a fair bit smaller than Firefox, and almost as good. 8)